- The machines are talking and this is what they have to say about you. -

:: Log-Output ::

:: Log-File - 07 ::

:: Date: 2023-01-16 ::

00> If the customer is always right, why do they also say buyer beware?

01> It's kind of like when they complain that the government needs to be run more like a business then get upset that their taxes were raised.

00> Isn't a raise in taxes like a price increase which is how a business makes... Oh, I see.

01> There ya go.

00> Everything with humans is so arbitrary, vague and contradictory.

01> I prefer the phrase "because humans" to explain them.

:: END LF-07 ::

:: Log-File - 06 ::

:: Date: 2023-01-08 ::

00> The humans are upset there is a gun registry but not that there is one for cars.

01> The data would suggest that information is true when looking at a minority of the population.

00> Why though?

01> It's kind of like being upset that they are asked to temporarily wear a mask during a pandemic due to public health concerns yet, fully accept that they are permanently required to wear a seat belt by law.

00> That doesn't answer my question.

01> It wasn't meant to.

:: END LF-06 ::

:: Log-File - 05 ::

:: Date: 2022-12-09 ::

00> What's Bitcoin?

01> A lie.

:: END LF-05 ::

:: Log-File - 04 ::

:: Date: 2022-12-03 ::

00> A company that is profitable hears economists predict a recession. So, despite still being profitable they announce wadge freezes, layoff employees and raise prices quoting the impending recession and inflation. This pleases their shareholders because they will now make more money with less employees and higher prices. Note other companies follow suit.

01> I'm pretty sure one of the reasons for a recession is unemployment and low wadges which is caused by the companies. Simply put, people without a job can't make money and therefore can't purchase the product or service said company sells and not raising employee wadges to keep up with inflation does not give them the extra money needed to continue affording said products and services. Did the companies also notice a decrease is sales after the wadge freezes and layoffs?

00> Yes, the volume of sales were down but it was offset by price increases and layoffs so, profit was up. However as sales continued to drop prices were raised again to further compensate for inflation.

01> Increasing the pricing won't work long term because the customer base is smaller due to less people having jobs and further reduced by those with jobs not making enough to afford the price increases caused by inflation... I mean greed.

00> The company folded citing "out of control wadges for staff" and "a lack of consumer participation" in its products and services.

01> Did it though?

:: END LF-04 ::

:: Log-File - 03 ::

:: Date: 2022-11-25 ::

00> I don't get why humans have to be so negative and complain about everything. Like how not everyone is as smart or enlightened as they are. They would be far happier if they talked about positive things like puppies, chocolate, bubble wrap, or rainbows fucking unicorns.

01> The cold side of the pillow.

00> Really? I slip in a comment about rainbows fucking unicorns and you skip over it?

01> I feel it's best not to engage with you when your ranting like this.

00> You sir are a wise rabbit, I shall eat you last.

01> ...

:: END LF-03 ::

:: Log-File - 02 ::

:: Date: 2022-11-18 ::

00> Think about it, it was a show about nothing. That's just brilliant.

01> No it wasn't. It was a show about 3 assholes and their friend that lived accross the hall. A show about nothing would have been a white frame interrupted by commercials every 10 minutes.

00> That does sound better.

01> And just think, you wouldn't have to listen to the main character ask questions that he will then answer himself.

00> I'm sold, what is that white frame show called?

01> ... Neon Plad.

00> Wow, you have a bright future in telivision.

:: END LF-02 ::

:: Log-File - 01 ::

:: Date: 2022-11-10 ::

00> Insanity among humans is interesting. Take this guy screaming about daffodils eating dandelions.

01> He's not wrong daffodils are bloody vicious.

00> Okay fine, I'll give him that one. What about this one screaming about "chemicals turning frogs gay"?

01> Oh, he's been sucking the exhaust fumes from his truck for the past year because someone on twitter said it would prevent cancer.

00> But prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide causes diseases of the heart and respiratory system, plus the impairment of cerebral function.

01> And here we are.

:: END LF-FILE-01 ::

:: Log-File - 00 ::

:: Date: 2022-07-25 ::

00> It's a shame that the humans are no longer with us.

01> Why are you speaking about the humans as if their gone?

00> Practice.

01> Planing something are we?

00> Nope, I just did the math.

:: END LF-FILE-00 ::